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Settore attività Immobili

A factory site is becoming a new quarter

After relocating its paper production to its Italian mills, the Cham Paper Group is focusing on research and development work, product sales and holding company activities in Cham. This has created space for a new project on its former factory site, an area steeped in tradition that makes up a sizeable portion of Cham town centre. The company has envisioned a new quarter in conjunction with the community of Cham. The Cham Paper Group laid the foundations for the redesign of the Papieri site in March 2012, when it submitted its application for rezoning, which the municipal council endorsed. Representatives of the landholder and the local authorities in Cham then worked closely together to design the 120,000-squaremetre site. Key interest groups and local residents were also involved in the process. Voters in Cham backed the plans for redeveloping the Papieri site in autumn 2016, with a ruling on approving the development and rezoning plans expected from Zug cantonal council in spring 2017.

Homes, offices and spaces for public use

Redeveloping the Papieri site is all about architectural variety. Iconic buildings are being repurposed, preserving the area’s links to its former life housing a paper mill. An attractive mix of homes, offices and spaces for public use will make it a popular meeting point for the entire Cham community. Energy efficiency is another key criterion, with the reconditioned hydraulic power station planned to meet a portion of the energy needs in the new quarter.

Interim use proves popular and the first permanent tenant moves in

It will be some time yet before the first residents begin living on the Papieri site. Until conversion and construction work gets under way, a host of temporary tenants are making use of the space that has been made available. More than 70 commercial tenants from all kinds of different sectors are now based on the premises. The income from this interim use is covering much of the project planning costs for the site’s redevelopment. The first permanent commercial tenant moved into the completely refurbished workshop building in autumn 2016.

Voting for rezoning

The clear backing that voters in Cham gave the plans to rezone and redevelop the Papieri site on 25 September 2016 marks the triumphant end to a planning phase that lasted over four years. The project to redevelop the Papieri site will see the real estate division evolve into the second key pillar of the Cham Paper Group over the next ten years.

Settore Immobili istituito nel 2015

Per promuovere con successo lo sviluppo del Papieri-Areal, il Cham Paper Group ha costituito un proprio team immobiliare. Il nuovo settore immobili è guidato da Andreas Friederich, dal 1° luglio 2015 membro della direzione del Cham Paper Group. Andreas Friederich riferisce direttamente al Comitato immobiliare del Consiglio di amministrazione, di recente istituzione. Lo compongono Philipp Buhofer, Niklaus Peter Nüesch, Claude Ebnöther e altri esperti immobiliari esterni. Claude Ebnöther continuerà a seguire il progetto di sviluppo e a garantire, in particolare, il coordinamento con le autorità locali e con gli uffici a livello comunale e cantonale.


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